14 October 2009

What I'm Reading

  • What Mad Men tells us about millennials. This post provides an interesting take on the whole "I'm special" thing.
  • The Freak Revolution - I don't agree with everything in this (as a political scientist by training, I would never encourage people to opt out of civic engagement/voting/politics, for instance), but it does fit the "the master's tools will never dismatle the master's house" advice Audre Lorde shared so many years ago. (Shout out to John Haydon for the link)
  • The 3 key roles in social media. Do you know who's doing what at your org?
  • Acronym contributor Brian Birch identifies 5 things to think about for 2010. We usually don't see these until the end of the year. Couple of good comments, too.
  • Are you, unlike this blogger, reviewing and endorsing products for money on your blog? Andy Sernovitz breaks down how to stay in compliance with the new FTC rules.
  • I'm also finally reading the novel Sideways by Rex Pickett. It's fairly similar to the movie, but a little harder edged. I recommend it, particularly if you liked the movie.

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