27 February 2013

What I'm Reading

  • What you can - and can't - learn from A/B testing.
  • Another fantastic, challenging post from Joe Gerstandt on actor-observer bias and the myth of reverse discrimination.
  • Fear = lunch. No really, stick with Jeff Haden here.
  • The insights that define innovators. Hearing "we already tried that and it didn't work" DRIVES ME CRAZY.
  • Eric Lanke asks: why are we so afraid to talk to our members?
  • Jamie Notter reminds us that every revolution has a dark side.
  • Hiring? Does your new staff person REALLY have to have a college degree, or are there better signals you could be using?
  • Break your addiction to meetings. Seven months in to working for myself, I still cannot get over how much more I get done when I'm not spending 50% of each day in meetings.

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