06 February 2013

What I'm Reading

  • Jamie Notter asks: will you be ready when the revolution comes? Not if you've lost touch with those on the outside.
  • GWU and ORI take a fascinating look at social media and the 2012 presidential election.
  • I'm loving the December issue of NTEN: Change. The issue's theme is collaboration, which they examine from all kinds of angles.
  • Be worried: 74% of smartphone users use them while driving. But don't be TOO worried: the top two activities by a WIDE margin are making calls and using navigation/GPS.
  • Is your staff "not creative"? It may be your fault.
  • The data is in, and, according to Associations Now, it turns out women leaders outperform men in empathy, which you probably would have guessed, and problem solving, which you might not have.
  • What's worse than failure? Mediocrity.
  • Jeff Hurt urges us to aspire to be conference outlaws.
  • Looking for stats about the Internet and social in 2012? Look no further than the Marketing Profs recent report.
  • Do's and don'ts for your online presence. My favorite? Don't leave me guessing about how to contact you. And I'd amend it to add: providing info@company.com is NOT sufficient.
  • How many of your thousands of FB "likes" have turned into leads? John Haydon provides some tips to help with conversion.
  • Is your association producing video? Here are some easy tips to make it look more professional without actually, you know, having to hire a professional.

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