22 February 2013

Friday Top 5

I was honored to be selected to judge ASAE's Gold Circle awards this year in the website category. After having reviewed all 21 entries twice, I'm entering my actual scores today. And I've learned (or remembered) a few things from the process:
  1. Associations are making progress. Every single site has some sort of social technologies connection, and every association was at least on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  2. But not enough progress. The majority of entries are not mobile-friendly. It's 2013, people!
  3. We don't all have to use rotating banners. Really. I promise. And after you've seen it on 20 of 21 sites, it gets a little old.
  4. Design is important (all my designer friends are thinking, "No shit, Sherlock."). Color, font, white space, imagery, layout...all can help you know where to look, or hinder you from accomplishing your tasks. Invest in good design.
  5. I know we often have to use site templates, but it's worth investing some resources to make sure they don't look so template-y. Trust.

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