08 February 2013

Friday Top 5

I've always been a big proponent of corporate social responsibility, organizing the teams for the Greater DC Cares big annual days of service or the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup or the annual Capital Area Food Bank food drive, and I recently had a realization. Just because I'm a company of one doesn't let me off the hook. So I've committed to a regular monthly volunteer gig that is NOT ASAE committee work. Why is CSR so important?
  1. It reminds your company that you're about more than making a buck.
  2. It opens your eyes to the needs of people in your local community.
  3. It demonstrates that you can do something to address those local needs aside from just writing a check. Don't get me wrong - writing checks is important, too. But volunteering provides a tangible and deeply immediate way to contribute  to your local community.
  4. Regular volunteering allows you to form a relationship with an organization so that you can progress to providing more skilled types of volunteer assistance. Not that there's anything wrong with packing food for hungry people or painting lockers in a school, but as you get to know the organization and they get to know you, you have opportunities to contribute skilled AND unskilled labor.
  5. It feels great!
What are you doing to connect with the needs in your local community on a regular basis?

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