30 January 2013

What I'm Reading

Big list this week. Hey, lots of people have been writing interesting stuff!
  • Marketing Profs picked up Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter's survey on new leadership skills for the social media age (and wrote a really nice article about it).
  • Speaking of Jamie, he just released a new white paper, in which he applies the Humanize principles to the real-world problem of performance reviews (spoiler alert: it's the first in a series that's going to do this).
  • Still on Jamie, he clued in me in to a fantastic article that examines the concept of white privilege, Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. I highly recommend it.
  • Speaking of diversity, Joe Gerstandt takes on - and punctures - some of the dumb things people STILL say about diversity initiatives.
  • Speaking of Joe, because this is another one of his big themes, HBR asks: what if you could truly be yourself at work?
  • Self-awareness may be more critical to success than even talent and luck.
  • Jumping on the Big Data bandwagon? Get schooled in how the Boss of Big Data (aka the 2012 Obama campaign) did it.
  • Is college worth it? More and more people are saying "no."
  • Advice from Peter Drucker on the importance of humility, being human, and asking good questions.
  • Life is about experience, not performance.
  • Wes Trochlil reminds us: vendor relationships should be like a marriage.
  • John Haydon offers great tips for prepping your organization's Facebook Page to take advantage of Graph Search.
  • Does your association need social media training? There are signs.
  • ALL decisions to buy - including membership in your association - are emotional, and there's a scientific reason for it.
  • Want to make real progress in 2013? Jeff Cobb urges us to reflect, listen, curate, and give stuff away.
  • Given what we now know about the benefits and how to make it work for everyone, there is NO REASON to forbid telecommuting. Seriously. If you are, just stop.
  • How do you respond when staff members announce they're leaving? You should be happy for them.
  • Content marketing is all the rage, which makes it even more important to do it WELL
  • Want to innovate in 2013? Make more and bigger mistakes.

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