25 January 2013

Friday Top 5

Quiet week here in Spark-land (guessing everyone is still recovering from Inaugural Ball hangovers and/or hunkering down because of the cold weather and threat of snow), so I had some downtime. My Top 5 Favorite Uses of Unexpected Space:
  1. Get organized! (This really is my favorite.) I've organized my paper and electronic files and updated my professional development tracking information (gotta keep track of those credits for CAE renewals). Sorting through stuff to dump what you don't need and organize what you do creates space for the new.
  2. Start/work on long-term projects. We all always have things we want to write or research or plan or design or whatever, and they always seem to end up on the bottom of the To Do list. For once, they get to move to the top.
  3. Read. Piles of New Yorkers and Technology Reviews and Harvard Business Reviews are now feeding my brain, rather than just collecting dust. Same goes double for all those great ebooks and white papers and reports and whatnot I've downloaded to read "someday."
  4. Think. One of the things we're losing in our always-connected world is uninterrupted time to ponder. It *can* feel a bit like you're not accomplishing anything, but trust me, letting your thoughts be free can have some highly productive results. Pro tip? Keep a list of things you *want* to think about the next time you have some free time.
  5. Connect. You know that colleague/friend/advisor/mentor/padawan you've been thinking about recently? Drop her a line to let her know you've been thinking about her and find out what's going on in her life.
When you get unanticipated downtime, how do you use it?

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Catherine said...

Unanticipated down time: Sleep in. It's good for you. Exercise. Ditto. Make soup. Good for that "thinking" as there's just something about chopping and peeling that starts the brain juices going. Journal. Knit.