11 January 2013

Friday Top 5

Just a shout-out to five awesome things that happened this week:
  1. The #10in20 Associations 101 webinar series kicked off with Peggy Hoffman doing an amazing job laying down 10 things you need to know about volunteer management in associations. Next one is Erin Fuller on branding on February 8. Find and more and register for the FREE series at the Peach New Media site.
  2. Bryan Kelly interviewed me about the curation whitepaper for Association Mavens
  3. I enjoyed the benefits of working for myself and got to see the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective before it closed NOT on the weekend. So I actually got to enjoy the paintings.
  4. Speaking of whitepapers, I started researching the next one. Look for it to land in the February/March timeframe. 
  5. Dance classes started again for the spring trimester. 
What amazing things happened to you this week?

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