17 January 2013

Association Forecast: Education to Employment

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in the weekly Association Forecast broadcast on the topic of Education to Employment.

What is the Association Forecast?  It's a weekly show, hosted by Shelly Alcorn, where a panel of three guests and Shelly discuss issues of importance and interest to associations, usually based on a report, TEDtalk, current event, etc.

Yesterday's show featured Trish Hudson (of the Melos Institute), Barry Richman (of ePath Learning), and me discussing a recent report released by McKinsey, Education to Employment: Designing a System That Works.

Before viewing the video, I recommend downloading the report and reading at least the introduction and executive summary, as what we're saying will make more sense if you do.

Short short version of the report: the worldwide employment system is in a paradox. On the one hand, we have a large number of positions unfilled because of a shortage of skilled workers. On the other hand, we have unusually high rates of unemployment for young people. The report identifies disconnects between all three players: students, the educational system, and employers. It details programs that have worked on the small scale to resolve these disconnects, and considers how they might be able to be scaled up.

Shelly, Barry, Trish, and I talk about the report itself and what it means for associations, as a potential solution to fill the gap in professional development and career training.

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