11 December 2012

Huru for the Holidays

Got enough stuff? (who doesn't?)

Looking for a holiday gift that's a little more meaningful?

May I suggest: Huru for the Holidays.

To quote from their website:
Millions of girls around the world don’t have access to sanitary supplies. They’re forced to use dangerous substitutes. They miss school every month.

In Swahili, Huru means freedom. At Huru, we give girls the freedom to stay in school. We began in Kenya, providing thousands of at-risk girls with free kits that include reusable sanitary pads, life-saving HIV/AIDS prevention information, and information and resources essential to sexual and reproductive health. Huru Kits are environmentally friendly and locally produced, creating new jobs in the girls’ communities—a cost-effective, simple solution to a complicated problem. 
I have a friend who's running a drive to purchase 500 Huru kits. Each kit costs $25 and provides supplies for a full year. You can donate here, and help a young woman stay in school.

You do, of course, know that it's been proved that the best way to raise a community out of poverty is to educate the women and give them control over their reproductive faculties, right?

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