28 December 2012

Friday Top 5

It's a little self-referential, but it *is* the last Friday of the year. My Top 5 blog posts of 2012 (measured by number of clicks):
  1. Is Membership Really Dying?, in which I took on the concept of members versus subscribers.
  2. "My Members Don't Read!", in which I posit some possible solutions to that all-too-common complaint.
  3. Sections Instead of Breakouts, or how can we bring conference education sessions up to the quality level of the networking events?
  4. Process Killed the Association Star, in which I accepted a challenge thrown by Jamie Notter and attempted to answer "how do we get to 'yes' in our associations?"
  5. Do We REALLY Know What Our Members Need?, in which I questioned the common assumption that we do.
Other notable posts included the launch of my curation whitepaper (it's FREE, you know), a post about the Carville/Rove fracas from ASAE annual, the launch of Spark, a meme response that I'm still working on, and a post in the title of which I unfortunately used the words "Chanel suit," and you wouldn't believe the number of clicks it's gotten if I told you (I'm sure that 95% of them were mistakes).

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