14 December 2012

Friday Top 5

Warning: this post may get a little schmoopy. And if you know me at all, you know how rare that is.

I'll be offline and not posting next week because my spouse and I are headed out of town for a few days to celebrate a milestone anniversary. So this Friday Top 5 is for him. Five things that are amazing about my spouse (because there are so many I can't say these are the top five):
  1. Multiple times in our years together, he's held up way more than his half of the sky so I could pursue my dreams.
  2. He one of the smartest but at the same time most gentle and humble people I've ever met.
  3. He treats me so well that everyone who knows him - male or female - would totes marry him in second if anything ever happened to me. (back off - he's taken)
  4. He's an amazing cook.
  5. After (mumble mumble mumble) years together, he still makes me laugh my ass off on a regular basis.
Back later next week.

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