13 November 2012

Help Us Decide

Scott Oser (Scott Oser Associates), Dave Will (Peach New Media) and I are considering launching a webinar series.

“BOR-ING. Everyone has a webinar series these days.”

Ours is – we hope – going to be a little different.


  • They’re going to be SHORT. 
  • They’re going to be FREE.
  • They’re going to be about ALL KINDS OF TOPICS in association management.
  • They’re going to feature presenters, association executives and consultants, who are RECOGNIZED EXPERTS in their topic(s).

But we need your help to make it that way.

We need you to tell us what is most valuable for you, so we drafted a survey.

“Oh no! Not another survey!”

You might actually want to take this one.

The concept we’ve been working with is an Associations 101 or Top 10 Things You Need to Know About… (a variety of topics in association management). They’d come out fairly frequently and live in a library where you could listen at any time.

Sound good to you?

Then please help us out by taking our survey so that we can make the series the best it possibly can be.


The One-Girl Wolf Pack said...

Well, look at this awesome trio! I did my survey. Good luck and let me know how I can help you guys.

Professional Hugs,
Teri Carden

Elizabeth Engel said...

Thanks Teri!