30 October 2012

MarComm Makeovers

Is your magazine frumpy?

Is your blog out-of-date?

Are your social media efforts mismatched?

Join me and Mitch Arnowitz (Tuvel Communications) at MGI (623 N. Washington Street) for the November Alexandria Brown Bag on Thursday, November 15, at 11:30 am.

Mitch and I and a panel of experts (aka the Brown Bag attendees) will provide on-the-spot analysis and advice for the samples you bring to help improve your marketing and communciations efforts.

This will be an interactive session with a computer and Internet access available for pieces like your website, landing pages, or social media outposts. If you'd like the group to look at a print piece (like a brochure, postcard, magazine, etc.), please bring enough that we can pass them around (say 5-8 copies).

Show off what's working at your organization, or get the input you need to take your marketing and communications efforts to the next level.

Register now! It's free!

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