12 September 2012

What I'm Reading

  • Making a mistake is not the same as failing.
  • Which is more important: your org chart or your organization's networks?
  • Want to innovate? Ask a new question.
  • Vendors are not the enemy.
  • Start with the most important thing.
  • Social media, commercialization, dopamine, being creepy and why Facebook may never make the kind of money people were expecting at the IPO.
  • Want to be a lifelong learner? Be curious.
  • Jeff Cobb is talkin' 'bout a revolution in education.
  • We all know that telling a story is important, but we don't all know how to do it well. Copyblogger can help.
  • 10 rules for getting shit done. I particularly love "When in doubt, decide."
  • Knowing who's NOT a prospect is just as important as knowing who IS a prospect. And either way, you need to be able to create personas.
  • After just finishing up the work to set up my office (that's it there on the right), it seemed like a great time to re-read Sheetrock & Shellac and laugh along with someone else's home improvement tales of woe.

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