05 September 2012

What I'm Reading

  • You always have a choice. You might not always like the consequences, but you always have a choice.
  • Innovation is not (or not always, anyway) about the visionary. More often, it's about (say it with me) culture.
  • FOCUS! Here's how.
  • Building a better mousetrap won't help if there are no mice.
  • 4 million unfilled high skill jobs - who's going train people to fill them?
  • Not tweeting at work? It could cost you.
  • Show, don't tell.
  • Our workplaces could be a lot better
  • Acronym's latest edition of Quick Clicks - lots of good stuff on association membership issues. 
  • Association in the eye of a Twitter storm, about APSA's mishaps around an annual meeting scheduled for the week before Labor Day in New Orleans, also known as when Hurricane Isaac made landfall just southeast of the city. My first association job was at APSA, so I was particularly interested in how the furor developed and how APSA responded.
  • Lots of NFL blogs and sites. Did I mention that the 2012 season kicks off TONIGHT?!?!? Happy dance!
  • Finished The Heretic's Daughter and really enjoyed it - well-written historical fiction take on the Salem witch trials. Not sure what's up next yet. Suggestions?

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