07 September 2012

Friday Top 5

What with this being 2012 NFL season kick off weekend, I thought it might be a nice time to give a shout-out to my Top 5 Favorite Sports Blogs (warning: NFC East-heavy):
  1. IgglesBlitz - Tommy Lawlor is to football writing what Jaws is to football commentary. 
  2. SportsBlogNation, particularly the officially recognized NFC blogs: Bleeding Green Nation, Hogs Haven, Big Blue View, and Blogging the Boys.
  3. Chicks in the Huddle. Chicks! Writing intelligently about football! (disclosure: my football blog is syndicated there)
  4. Blogging the bEast - all things NFC East.
  5. The Bleacher Report - they regularly have fantastic, fun, informative slide shows. Hey! Pictures! In a visual medium! Go figure!
So if you're as obsessed with the pigskin as I am - or if you need some inside scoop to run your fantasy team - check 'em out!

Image credit: my mom! From when we went to the Philadelphia Eagles academy for women in February of 2011.

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