08 August 2012

What I'm Reading

  • Google's getting into fiber? Yes, indeed.
  • Joe Gerstandt has an outstanding post, the first in what's going to be a series, proffering a series of questions about diversity and inclusion designed to help you hack your organizational culture.
  • Got manifesto? (I am definitely going to get on this, ASAP.)
  • Two of my very favorite GRs wrote a fantastic piece for the August issue of Associations Now on how to play the long game in advocacy work.
  • Finding a better answer to “what do you do?”
  • Who's minding your cobwebs?
  • Don't let the dog days get you down
  • Productivity tools for remote workers (I think they're pretty useful even if you don't work remotely).
  • I'm also reading A Discovery of Witches. The prose is pretty purple, but the plot is fun and offers some unusual angles on the tropes of the fantasy genre.

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