29 August 2012

What I'm Reading

  • Generational difference: age or cohort? Or: are today's elementary school aged kids really that much different than elementary school aged kids in the 1960s? 
  • You can't just trade in your organization's culture for a shiny new model, so you'd better learn to work with what you have.
  • Want to build a better mousetrap? Spend more time with your customers, talk to them more, experiment, learn, iterate, get better.
  • Want to be more productive? Declutter.
  • Turns out, going to conferences can lead to innovation, which is good news for the conference-producing association industry.
  • More data isn't necessarily going to improve your decision making.
  • Press pitches getting, well, pitched? This may be why.
  • Design of volunteer models? What design?
  • Forget FOMO - what about JOMO?
  • I finished Shadow of Night, and since the third book in trilogy isn't out yet, I just started The Heretic's Daughter, which was loaned to me be a friend. I'm only in the first few chapters, but so far, it's promising!

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