16 August 2012

Welcome, Association Universe!

Speaking of content curation, there's a new player in the association world: Association Universe, a new site/newsletter specifically designed for association executives.  It's similar to Wild Apricot, only hopefully they won't just delete my account and everything I've ever posted there with a "Whoops! Too bad for you!" and to the Association Resource Center, only it's not just for small staff.

Association Universe is aggregating content from a bunch of source, including this blog, to focus on the issues important to association executives including management, marketing, membership, events, development, programs, technology, innovation and much, much more.

You can get a free account and then customize the topics you'd like to follow for a daily or weekly summary email. I think it will be a great resource, so check it out!

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Anonymous said...

Great resource. Thanks for pointing it out.