21 August 2012

Making Innovation Happen

As you're probably aware, Jeff De Cagna recently conducted a survey on innovation among association CEOs.

The results are out, and he's summarized them in a short video:

The biggest things that stood out to me were:

Association CEOs have a lot of confidence in themselves. They have a lot LESS confidence in their staff members. But they think their staff members have lots of confidence in them. This, to me, represents a SERIOUS disconnect.

Association CEOs think that innovation is important, but they don't think their boards support that.

Association CEOs think their members trust them even less than their boards.

So the upside is that CEOs are starting to get the message that making way for experiments with new ideas is important, but there's still a lot of finger-pointing about why it doesn't happen.

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Eric Lanke said...

I had a similar takeaway: