03 August 2012

Friday Top 5

Well, I survived my first week of being self-employed, and even managed to avoid getting into any fights with myself. The Top Five Things I Learned This Week:
  1. The association community is awesome. I mean, I already knew that, of course, but the outpouring of support has been tremendous. Y'all rock!
  2. The spouse and I need to make finishing setting up my office space a priority. Working on the dining room table is upsetting my inner neatnick.
  3. It's really hard to remember to take breaks when you're working for yourself. Must remember not to sit in the same spot typing on the computer for 9 hours straight.
  4. It is SO much faster to implement cool ideas when the only person you have to check with is yourself.
  5. My love of shoes and extensive shoe collection are both well-known. But you know what's better than wearing a pair of amazing heels? Spending sizable chunks of every day barefoot.

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