24 August 2012

Friday Top 5

Can you believe next week is already the last week of August? The elementary school across the street starts session on MONDAY. Where does the time go?

(Oh, right, to getting Spark launched.)

If you were paying attention this past week, you could feel the seasons start to slip. The days are noticeably shorter, the sun is less intense, and there was some coolness behind some of the breezes. We are, pace my good friend Hecate, in a liminal time.

My Top 5 Favorite Things About The Shift from Summer to Fall:
  1. Even though grad school concluded 16 years ago, after 13 years of grade school, 4 years of college, and 2 years in my Master's program, the end of summer still feels like a time of beginnings to me.
  2. Appreciating the surprise when tomatoes, corn and peaches show up in my CSA box in a given week even more because I know each week these could be the last ones until next year.
  3. The nights start to be cool enough - sometimes - to open the windows.
  4. The sun is still intense, but not in the punishing way of mid-July, thus easing my fears of accidentally bursting into flame for another year.
  5. Time to reflect and think about my harvest - both actual and metaphorical - this year.
What do you look forward to as the days grow shorter?

Image credit: Photo-Fenix.com

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