25 July 2012

What I'm Reading

  • Sitting all day is not only making you fat, it's making you stupid, so go take a walk. RIGHT NOW. (at least in DC, it's really nice today, so you have no excuse)
  • Jamie Notter has shared his notes from the MIX Mashup. Yesterday's blog post was a response post, and you should definitely read his original and think about responding yourself.
  • Jeffrey Cufaude reminds us that we are all in the process of becoming.
  • How many pages do you have on your website? (Be honest!) Cecilia Sepp reminds us that websites should not be an information dumping grounds.
  • Shelly Alcorn shares association management lessons from Harley-Davidson.
  • Jeffrey Cufaude asks: sponsorships - where's the value?

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