27 July 2012

Friday Top 5

A lot of you already know this, but I'm leaving the Children's Hospital Association to launch my own business. Today is my last day with the association, so I'm dedicating my Friday Top 5 to the past three years I've been privileged to work here. Top 5 Favorite Things about working for NACHRI/the Children's Hospital Association:
  1. The mission: the association supports the mostly non-profit hospitals that help sick kids, particularly the sickest kids with the most complex conditions, get well. That rocks.
  2. The members: did I mention that the members are children's hospitals? My interactions with the talented and dedicated individuals who work in children's hospitals, from the clinicians to the marcomm teams, to the highest administrative levels, have been almost universally positive. These are people who give their whole hearts to helping children, and it shines out of them.
  3. The people:  association people generally tend towards choosing mission over money, and that's been doubly so at this association.
  4. The opportunities: one of the nice things about working at a larger organization is that you have resources for things like, oh, professional development. I've been fortunate to enjoy all kinds of support to keep growing and learning as a professional in the past three years. That hasn't always been the case over the course of my career.
  5. The location: can you believe that, with 15 years in association management, this was my first position in Old Town Alexandria? It's been so hot this summer that I haven't been able to enjoy it as much recently, but walking the quaint streets and lovely riverfront of Alexandria for the past three years has been a real treat.
Curious about the business? It's called Spark Consulting, LLC: Explosive Growth for Associations. I'll be doing strategic membership and marketing consulting for associations that have the will and the capacity to take some risks in the service of big goals. More to follow...as soon as I have a minute between working with my new clients to get my new website set up! In the meantime, you can get me at ewengel@getmespark.com or 202.468.3478.

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