13 July 2012

Friday Top 5

It's mid-July, so you know what that means? Fringe Fest! For the seventh year running, DC is hosting the amazing Capital Fringe Festival, July 12-29. Top 5 Best Things About Fringe:
  1. Fringe Fest is cheap. Shows cost $17, or less if you buy one of the passes. Get a pass.Trust me.
  2. Fringe Fest is unjuried. That means if you have an idea and the application fee, you have a show. Which means you're supporting upcoming artists who may not have the connections to, say, get on stage at the Kennedy Center or Shakespeare Theater. Well, not yet anyway.
  3. Fringe Fest includes more than just plays. There's dance, monologue, performance art, live music, musical theater, opera, burlesque, conceptual art, plus more typical comedies and dramas. Something for everyone!
  4. Fringe Fest is all the time. Well, not ALL the time, but there are day shows, evening shows, early shows, late shows, weeknight shows, weekday shows, weekend shows. It accommodates any schedule you have or need.
  5. Fringe Fest is fun! Sure, some of the shows will be a little less, um, polished than others. But you never know if you're going to walk out of a show saying "that was AWESOME!" or "WTF!?!?" or, if you're really lucky, both.
Shows I recommend checking out this year include DC Trash, BFF, and Beertown.

I know I keep pushing this every year, but I'm going to keep bugging you until you go, so why not just cave now?

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