06 July 2012

Friday Top 5

Has it been dead at your office this week, too? With the aftermath of the derecho storm extending into this week and the Independence Day holiday falling mid-week, many of my colleagues took the entire week off, or at least the last two days. As a result, it's been really quiet around here.

Top 5 Benefits of being (almost) the only one in the office:
  1. Caught up on the stack of reading that's been sitting on my desk for (mumble mumble) months.
  2. Got my filing done.
  3. Cleaned up some electronic files.
  4. Had some time to chat with the few people other than me who are here.
  5. Got my slides and handouts done for my presentation at the Bridge Conference next month and did some additional work and planning for my session at ASAE12.
When you get a little unexpected downtime at work, what do you do to make it productive?


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