08 June 2012

Friday Top 5

I've been going to New Orleans at least annually for the past 12 years, most recently for last week's vacation. You would think in all that time I'd have seen and done everything there was to see and do. Nope. My top 5 favorite NEW discoveries in the City That Care Forgot:
  1. Louisiana Bistro - Chef Mars offers "Feed Me," a tasting menu where you put yourself in his hands. All but ONE table ordered it while we were there, and he didn't repeat a single dish between tables. And the food was amazing.
  2. Bar Tonique- PX level hand crafted cocktails on North Rampart Street, and a bartender who rescues baby birds. Yeah, you right!
  3. Kermit Ruffins's Treme Speakeasy - Kermit cooks, his kids are the wait staff and bartenders, then he plays. Had my first raccoon.
  4. Sasha Masakowski - outrageously talented young modern jazz singer.
  5. Chegadou - Brazilian jazz band recommended by our fantastic waiter at Michael's on the Avenue, Alan. Great night at Rock-n-Bowl.
And a bonus 5
  1. Luke - John Besh restaurant, fab Sunday brunch (grits with poached eggs, softshell crabs and light-as-air whipped hollandaise).
  2. Ruby Slipper - CBD diner/breakfast & lunch joint that offers a pulled pork eggs Benedict. You read that right.
  3. Windsor Court - amazing jazz drummer Shannon Powell's new home. Also makes an aviation cocktail snowball that was so good, Jim's now trying to duplicate at home.
  4. Spa at the Ritz - aaahhhhhhh.
  5. Domenica - another Besh restaurant, more casual (cheaper), Italian, delicious food.
Need a New Orleans fix of your own? There's still time to join us Sunday at Wolf Trap for the annual Louisiana Swamp Romp. As usual, we'll on the far right of the lawn as you face the stage, as far down as we can get.

Image credit: me!

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