02 May 2012

What I'm Reading

  • Strategy without context is meaningless.
  • Less talk – more do.
  • Acronym's quick clicks for April.
  • One was so good I had to call it out special, in which NTC publicly admits to things that didn't go well at the recent NTEN. This is what transparency looks like, people.
  • Jamie Notter offers a different take on the whole Carville/Rove ASAE Annual Meeting brouhaha.
  • Amber Naslund warns of some career myths to try to avoid.
  • Why Google+ doesn't work for humans (I love the concept of the decay of social networks).
  • Think your career is a ladder? It's actually a work of art.
  • Leslie White calls associations out for over-investing in prevention and under-investing in resilience.
  • You might want to take off your headphones, at least sometimes.

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