14 May 2012

Always the Last to Know: Nicira's Network Virtualization Platform

OK, this week's ATLTK is REALLY geeky, I admit, but this is worth it.

One of the main flaws with the construction of the Internet has always been that it was made to prefer stability (as in, the whole thing won't go down) to security (as in, your network won't get hacked). And the hardware that runs it isn't exactly simple to change on the fly. One of the results (and this should sound familiar) is that lots of people and companies don't trust cloud computing, at least not for anything critical.

Nicira is looking to change that. Much like you can have virtual servers, Nicira allows you to have virtual networks, with software (which is much easier to control and change) filling the functions normally provided by expensive and complex hardware devices.

Find out more at the Nicira website, or at MIT's Technology Review.

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