17 May 2012

The 1000th Post

Actually, the 1000th post was yesterday's What I'm Reading. I just realized the milestone was approaching - well, passed - today. Oops.

I've been writing this blog since July 2008 - almost four years. I still have 65 subscribers, same as when I reported on my 500th post (hm, probably ought to try to promote subscribing a little harder). Pageviews hover between 3000-3500 a month, with the highest month ever being June of 2011, over 4100.

My most common topics are, of course, cool technology (aka my weekly "Always the Last to Know" posts), blog roundup (aka my weekly "What I'm Reading" posts), and Friday Top 5 (self-explanatory). Other major topics include ASAE and various things related to ASAE, changeblogging, social media and specific social media technologies, generations, innovation, leadership, membership, and marketing, and Jamie Notter has the distinction of being the person I reference most often (hey, the man writes good stuff).

My all-time most viewed - and commented on - post was my dig at the concept of TED Women ("back of the bus, ladies"). Two recent posts made it into the all-time Top 10: "My Members Don't Read!" and You Say You Want a Revolution.

The majority of my audience is still US-based, with Russia (Spasiba!), Germany (Danke!) and France (Merci!) in positions 2-4. Of course, the majority of my traffic comes in from The Goog, but I have to give a major shout-out to my girl Hecate for being the #2 source, and Twitter makes a strong showing, too. Based on what the search terms are, most of you are actually looking for me, so that's good news.

Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, tweeting, and sharing. Without you, I'd just be talking to myself. And, of course and as always, Thanks for Playing!

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Jamie Notter said...

You rock! Congratulations and keep it up. I'm glad I could provide some content for you to share!!