06 April 2012

Friday Top 5

J and I are going to Rogue 24 tonight with a good foodie friend, which is putting me in mind of amazing meals I've enjoyed over the years. My Top 5 Most Amazing Meals EVER:
  1. Solo omakase at the sushi bar at Morimoto in Philly in 2005.  The food was OUTSTANDING (quite seriously the best of of my life, no contest), the beverage pairings were creative, and I happened to be sitting next to Roy Yamaguchi.
  2. The third time we went to the Inn at Little Washington, for our anniversary in 2010. We finally knew how to do it up right at that point, leaving ourselves enough time on the front and back ends to enjoy the area as well. We were raving over one of the sauces (and talking quite a bit about the meal in general), and our server noticed. She arranged for us to go back into the kitchen and meet Patrick O'Connell, who proceeded to show us the technique to make the sauce. We drove home the next day during the beginnings of the storm that became the December 2010 Snowpocalypse.
  3. Our first dinner at Komi after Johnny Monis switched to the current prix fixe mezzethakia system. We had theater tickets at Studio that night (for Top Dog, Underdog, one of the most amazing plays I've ever seen), so we did everything up to the cheese course (with wine pairings), then saw the show, then came back for cheese and dessert. Again, the food was outstanding, and it's a big meal, so the break in between left us ready to fully enjoy cheese and dessert later, and we had plenty to talk about after having seen the play, too.
  4. The meal J made for my 40th birthday dinner party. He planned the entire thing, and it was an incredible evening of good food, good friends, good wine, and stimulating conversation. I asked him to make lamb, which he hadn't done much of to that point. So he tested recipes, while keeping the whole menu secret from me, for weeks leading up to the party. One of my best birthdays ever.
  5. Any Friday lunch at Galatoire's, champagne, raucous laughter, and fabulous hat NOT optional.
Well, now I'm hungry! Good thing it's lunchtime.



Jamie Notter said...

Awesome! I've been to Inn at Little Washington before and would rank it as #1 for me, but it's been a bunch of years and I want to take Maddie soon.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you stay over (but you probably knew that).