20 April 2012

Friday Top 5

This weekend is the Greater DC Cares Servathon, an annual event where thousands of volunteers participate in the DMV's largest community impact service program. I've had the opportunity to be a part of this and other GDCC service projects over the years. My Top 5 Favorites:
  1. Painting murals at McKinley Tech high school
  2. Planting flowers at the Minnie Howard campus of TC Williams high school
  3. Cleaning up the Atlas Theater
  4. Giving residents' rooms a fresh coat of paint at The Carpenter's Shelter
  5. Sorting donations at the Capitol Area Food Bank (which is a good thing, since that's this weekend's project, too)
It is, sadly, too late to register for this year's event, but you can plan now to be a part of the next one, which will be the annual September 11 day of service. If I had to guess, it will be observed the prior weekend.