07 March 2012

What I'm Reading

  • Face time is irrelevant - what matters is productivity (you'd think we'd have this by now).
  • Are people at your meeting to learn or to connect? How might the answer to that question change your program design?
  • Tips to tame the email beast (I do a lot of these myself, and they work!),
  • You do remember that Jeffrey Cufaude is doing a weekly series on facilitation, right? Turns out, I'm not the only one enjoying it.
  • Speaking of Jeffrey, he also has a great article on diversity and inclusion in February issue of Associations Now.
  • A five year career plan is a waste of time.
  • Want to be a great boss?
  • More good advice for bosses: what your staff needs most from you.
  • Through the Maze: Careers in Association Management is out. It's a great monograph out of the ASAE Young Association Executives Committee. (I was very fortunate to be able to provide some assistance to the smart YP authors.)
  • There's a great point/counterpoint article from two members of the ASAE Membership Section Council (KiKi L'Italien and Celena NuQuay) on the future of the membership model (you will have to log in).
  • I finished Swamplandia! and, although a few of the plot turns were pretty predictable, I did really enjoy it. I also finally read Cold Comfort Farm, which was, as promised, hilarious.

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