08 March 2012

ISO Your MarComm Disasters

Have a MarComm mess on your hands? Want a little free consulting to fix it?

Layla Masri, Chris Durso and I are going to be presenting at ASAE's upcoming Membership, Marketing and Communications conference. Our session is going to focus on marketing and communications makeovers, so we need some makeover candidates.

Is your magazine frumpy? Is your blog out-of-date? Are your social-media efforts mismatched? Three fashion-forward association professionals, a web and content management provider, a marketing and membership expert, and a hardcore publications editor, will separate the mediocre from the marvelous. From a few simple nips and tucks to a wholesale makeover, learn what your style emergency needs are as the makeover team critiques your collateral from every angle and tailors you a whole new look.

Send your publications disasters, your web messes, and your membership campaign nightmares to info@beancreative.com, we'll review them, make FREE suggestions for improvement, and feature them in our session, Thursday, May 23.


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