30 March 2012

Friday Top 5

I recently spotted a large metal chicken sculpture on my evening walk, and it put me in mind of today's top 5: the Top 5 Funniest Things I've Ever Read Online (warning: put down your drink before following any of these links):
  1. Viva la Roombalucion! I first read this SEVEN years ago, and it still makes me laugh so hard I cry.
  2. Point/Counterpoint: My Computer Hates Me.
  3. Knock, knock, Mo-Fo.
  4. How to make your shopping cart suck less.
  5. Eagles fans give McNabb 3 weeks to win Super Bowl (at least I have a sense of humor about my fellow Eagles fans).
OK, now it's your turn: what can you share that will make me laugh so hard I can't breathe?



suzq said...

OK....here's a real pet peeve of mine. I live in the US. I have a Zip Code. The US Postal Service assigns zip codes to areas within city and state boundaries. Why can't I enter my zip code and have a program spit out my state, like magic?

If we can send a man to the moo....no wait...

Hecate Demetersdatter said...

The Blogess thing about the metal chicken still makes me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. And if I ever find one, I'm buying it and putting it in your yard.

All my life, and this is what Catholic school and becoming a teacher does to you, anyone imitating Sister Mary Elephant (bwhahahahha!) going: "Class. Class. Claaaaassss. Shut up! Thank you," has reduced me to laughing so hard that I cry, wheeze for breathe, and have muscle cramps.

Anonymous said...

H, if you do put a metal chicken in my yard I will love you forever even more than I already do!