23 March 2012

Friday Top 5

DC's famous cherry blossoms peaked this week. And did you know that it's the 100th anniversary of this lovely gift from Japan? Had to do an in honor of post, right? My Top 5 Favorite Things about the DC Cherry Blossoms:
  1. Their arrival means the arrival of my favorite season in DC: spring! It is, to quote Reggie, "stupid" gorgeous here in the spring.
  2. Their scent - people say they have no scent, but that's wrong. It's subtle and lovely and best caught just at twilight, when the temperature starts to drop.
  3. The beauty of petals falling to the ground like pale pink snow.
  4. The tourists. Yes, really. I might complain about their lack of Metro etiquette, but they bring in a tremendous amount of revenue, which given the presence of all these freeloading government and nonprofit entities (guilty!), the city desperately needs.
  5. The Kwanzan cherry trees, my favorite variety, tend to bloom later, like an extra gift after the others are mostly done.
Image credit: me!


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