09 March 2012

Friday Top 5

I'll be taking another few days off for my association's spring conference next week, so I thought I'd leave you with some good reading material - Top 5 Best Books I've Read Recently:
  1. Humanize - check out my full review
  2. Cold Comfort Farm - written in 1932, it's a hilariously funny satirical take on "English country" novels of the overwrought DH Lawrence type
  3. Blindsight - recommended to me by the fab Lisa Junker, this book won a Hugo award and raises the fascinating metaphysical question: is it possible to be sentient without consciousness of a self?
  4. Batavia's Graveyard - a historical account of "history's bloodiest mutiny," this book also examines the socioeconomic and religious realities of the early 17th century that led the various players into their parts in this sad but enthralling story.
  5. A Visit from the Goon Squad - this multiple-award-winning novel uses the same cast of characters, jumping around in time, and variously filling starring and supporting roles in each others' lives, to examine how we get from A to B, often via Q, pink, dog, spoon, and a variety of other randomness, in our lives.
Happy reading!


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