22 February 2012

What I'm Reading

  • Innovating from the middle: not a mythical creature.
  • Not only can you innovate if you're not the CEO, if you want to be the CEO some day, you MUST learn this skill.
  • Shelly Alcorn takes on trends for 2012 and how they might affect associations.
  • Eric Lanke urges us to maintain a bias for action, even in the face of the reality that it doesn't always work out perfectly.
  • Watch your GenX talent...go right out the door?
  • Is your community manager clueless? There are warning signs.
  • All you need is love (but not the kind that's packaged for mass consumption around Valentine's Day).
  • Meetings can be efficient and effective. No, really!
  • Social curation is a huge issue, but which platform/s will win?
  • How reliable is breaking news on Twitter? If Seriously Rapid Source Review has anything to say about it, REALLY reliable.
  • Want to REALLY shorten your interview process? There are only three questions you need to ask to determine fit.
  • Finally, if you enjoy reading good books and then talking about them with smart people, make sure you check out the Association Chat (aka #assnchat) book club and plan to join us on April 17 to talk about Humanize.

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