08 February 2012

What I'm Reading

  • Are open offices and endless meetings really the best way to generate good ideas and get work done?
  • On a related topic, brainstorming is bullshit.
  • Do promotions actually motivate people? If not, what other approach could we take?
  • Aspiring CAE? Check out this great new resource.
  • Culture eats strategy for lunch.
  • Are you a networker or a connector?
  • What you need to know about the YouTube redesign.
  • Are your PR efforts making things worse?
  • I was on a multicity trip last week and consequently had a fair amount of time to read. I started with Batavia's Graveyard, a fascinating account of "history's bloodiest mutiny" and the religious and sociological context that led to it. (I had the opportunity to see the reconstructed Batavia in the Netherlands in 1990, approximately 5 years before it was finished and launched.) I also read my first Ursula Le Guin book (shocking, I know), The Dispossessed. Slow start, but interesting sci-fi, and I particularly liked the fact that, even though she clearly has a preference, at least some of the warts of even her utopian society were presented. I'm now now on to Swamplandia!, a coming of age tale with elements of mystical realism, which so far has been terrific.

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