17 February 2012

Friday Top 5

As some of you know, my organization has been going through a merger for about a year now. We're making progress, but it's definitely still stressful for people, so we've been talking about stuff we can do to build morale. My Top 5 Staff Morale Builders:
  1. Wellness challenges with fun themes and prizes. Doing good while doing well!
  2. Reserving a conference room periodically for brown bag lunch. No topic or presentation, just an opportunity to get away from your desk and mix with your colleagues.
  3. Friday afternoon cocktail hour. Yep, one of my former employers actually did this, although not every week. It rocked. It helped that we had a fairly creative mixologist on staff.
  4. Occasionally shutting down the office for an afternoon to go do something fun together (like bowling, video games, or a movie).
  5. Doing an organized volunteer project.
What about you? What are your favorite morale-building activities?


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