13 February 2012

Always the Last to Know: Pinterest

OK, this isn't really the first I'm hearing of Pinterest, but it feel like it's been EVERYWHERE recently.

I have to admit, I still kind of don't see the point. Feel free to mock me.

These articles may change that.

Are you using Pinterest? How? Tell me in the comments.


Phillyexpat said...

I use it for personal stuff, rather than association work. But I like having a visual board of recipes I'd like to try, decorating and fashion ideas, etc. It also ties in well with some visual inspiration exercises I'm doing as part of a year-long workshop with my yoga studio.

Maddie Grant said...

I love Pinterest. I'm all about pinning pics of places I want to go, jewelry I like, pictures people have sent me of Humanize, inspiration for the koi tattoo I'm getting this year, and all kinds of beautiful things. (http://pinterest.com/maddiegrant/)

I don't think many associations are creative enough to use this well, but lots of nonprofits are happily pinning away. As with everything, if your people are there, it's worth a look. And if you just like pretty things, it's also worth a look.

By the way - you're into food and cocktails - do a 5 minute browse through those boards and I guarantee you'll look up and it will be 6 hours later. Ha.

Toni Rae said...

Pinterest is like categorized Tumblr accounts. Since I'm planning a wedding and creating an entirely new household, I thought it would be a great place to get ideas from others and collect ones of my own. It's a place where people put their dreams on the Internetz, and sometimes it can get a little schmaltzy with the cute animal pics and yet another cheesecake-in-a-jar recipe, but if you follow cool people, you'll find some great ideas.