17 January 2012

Success with Member Get a Member?

I'm working ASAE's Membership Development Committee this year, and we're looking for your most amazing MGM campaigns. Have you done something a little unusual or out of the ordinary that had great results? We'd love to hear about it (and potentially steal it, of course), so share in the comments.


Jeffrey Cufaude said...

FWIW, I keep wondering if there is other language, a different appeal, that would better capture what was learned in the Decision to Join ... that individuals aren't just in it for the personal benefits, but want to be a part of a larger community.

Member Get a Member seems so entrenched in our community that I don't know if someone else has found a more compelling way to frame it. My intuition tells me it is a conversation (and a pursuit) worth having. It's not just about getting another member, it's about what becomes more possible with more members; a more vibrant community, one with more influence and resources to bring to bear for the profession or industry, etc.

Stepping down from soapbox now.

Michael Connor said...

At the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, we focus our Member Get-A-Member efforts on doing what's good for the organization, and for the other person. We learned in a recent survey that over 60% of our members first learned of NACDL through another member. So we ask them to pass it on. Our current campaign is at www.nacdl.org/getamember; our previous one is at www.nacdl.org/100daysx.

We also give the new recruit a 15-month membership for the price of 12, and we give current members $25 off their next renewal for each recruit, up to a total of $125. We promote the Member Get-A-Member program through eNews, a full page ad in our monthly magazine, and on the website, as well as an email from our president. Our MGAM resources page provides a membership application, talking points on the value of membership, and a page of member quotes about NACDL.

Last year we had about 120 new members through referrals, and so far this year we've had about 50 (we're in the 4th month of our fiscal year). Current membership is just under 10,000.