05 January 2012

Meme Time: Changing the World in 2012

Maddie Grant has thrown down the gauntlet of the first meme challenge (that I'm aware of) of 2012: How am I going to change the world in 2012?

The responses are already starting. I particularly like Jeffrey Cufaude's reframing of the problem: start by changing your own world and maybe you'll be able to change THE world.

What's my answer?

I've long believed that when the same thing keeps popping up for you over and over, you should probably start paying attention, since clearly the universe is tapping you on the shoulder.

What's been tapping me on the shoulder lately?

Diversity and inclusion.

First there was Joe Gerstandt's amazing Fly Your Freak Flag session at ASAE11.

Then Jeffrey Cufaude wrote a fantastic blog post that drew a ton of comments and that, rumor has it, is about to appear as a full lengthe article in an upcoming issue of Associations Now.

Those two inspired this post.

Then I had the chance to meet the amazing Constance Thompson from ASCE at the October idea swap, which also provided food for thought and, with a little luck, a session at an upcoming ASAE conference.

Then, of course, the calendar year ended with this.

How *are* we doing on D&I in associations? Short answer? Not well.

And I can't change that by myself. And neither can you.

But I can light one candle. And so can you. So that's what I'm going to do: do what's in my power to shine a spotlight on diversity and inclusion and where we fail and how we can pick ourselves back up and try again.

Taking a page from Shelly Alcorn's blogging book:

Need a little inspiration on how you're going to change the world? Check out these apps and sites for some ideas.

On to the tagging:
Additionally, I'm tagging a few people who haven't written in a while to help jump start their blogging in 2012:
Y'all are it!


Maggie McGary said...

Doh! I was hiding from this...will have to put my thinking cap on now.

Deirdre Reid said...

Thanks, Elizabeth, I appreciate the tag and push since my blogs have been quiet the last few months -- although I'm back to posting on my food blog, that's an easy one. I'm thinking about this over the weekend and hope to have something worthy to say.