13 January 2012

Friday Top 5

Monday is the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Many of us will be off work, and there are lots of things you could do with the free day: clean out your garage, watch some of the movies in your Netflix queue, shop the sales, visit the monument if you're in the DC area and haven't yet (hint hint)...or you could participate in the National Day of Service.

A lot of the big organized projects that require preregistration (like those with Greater DC Cares) are closed at this point. Top five ways YOU can still get involved:
  1. Go to the service day site and plug in your ZIP code under "Find a Project" - there are still plenty of options out there (I found 39 attached to my own ZIP code).
  2. Pick up trash on your block.
  3. Call a local shelter or soup kitchen, ask what supplies they're currently short on, go buy them, and drop them off.
  4. Drop in on an elderly neighbor and ask if s/he needs any errands run or chores done.
  5. If you're in the DC area, go to the Greater DC Cares site and check out their ongoing volunteer projects. Although they're most known for the Big Three Servathons (MLK Day, spring which will be April 20-21 this year, and September 11), they have volunteer projects all year long. A good choice for January? It's National Mentoring Month, so you could sign up to mentor at-risk youth or, through ASAE, a young professional in association management.
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