06 January 2012

Friday Top 5

Curmudgeon time. We just got through "we can't get anything done because it's the holidays and the kids are off school" and people are already starting to talk about "we can't do anything in weeks X and Y this spring because it's spring break, and we have to take the kids on vacation." Depending on the percentage of your staff with school-age kids, 50% (or more) of your office could be out over the course of a few weeks, because their kids are all probably in one of a few school districts.

I realize my perspective is skewed by not having kids. But I also *was* a kid, and I only remember once in my entire childhood that my family took a trip during spring break (a long weekend in Washington, DC, when I was 14).

I know we're in a different world now than we were in the mid-80s. However, for those of you who do have kids and don't want to drive your childfree colleagues crazy with yet another series of weeks lost to "but the kids are off school!", I have a few suggestions:
  1. A week at Grandma's.
  2. Day camp.
  3. Hire a neighborhood teenager to watch the kids for a week - s/he could probably use the cash.
  4. Is one of your kids at least 14? Let her/him watch her/himself and the siblings. Use random calls to the landline phone and threats of hiring a babysitter and embarrassing them by telling all their friends as a check if you're concerned.
  5. Are your kids working age? Encourage them to use the week to get more hours at their after school jobs.


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