28 December 2011

What I'm Reading

Lots of 2011 roundups/advice for 2012 this week:
  • Top social media lessons from 2011: part 1 and part 2.
  • Acronym's take on the best association blogging of 2011.
  • Speaking of blogging, some fascinating stats on the state of the blogosphere.
  • Jay Daughtry's 5 words for 2012.
  • Is your association trying to do too much?
  • Some good advice for focus in 2012.
  • Have you checked out Talent Anarchy yet? You really should - here's a great post to start with.
  • Why do private communities fail (and what can you do to fix it)? (warning: you may have to login to the ASAE website to get this)
  • I finished A Visit from the Goon Squad and really loved it. It was an interesting way to construct a novel. It was kind of a collection of short stories. The cast of characters was the same throughout, but each person got a chapter/story in which s/he was the main character, after which s/he served as a peripheral character in the others' stories. Some were set in the past, some were set in the present, and some were set in a somewhat dystopian near future. Punk rock was an overarching theme, as were the themes of disillusionment, isolation, the breakdown of society and relationships, and anarchy contained in the music itself. In a complete change of pace, I'm now re-reading Julia Child's My Life in France.

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