14 December 2011

What I'm Reading

  • KiKi's list of apps for busy association execs.
  • Punk Views on Social Media is now public, which means you can lurk without getting kicked out!  (not that I would know anything about that)
  • 12 things you didn't know Facebook could do. (OK, I'm guessing THIS crowd pretty much knew about many of these, but maybe not all.)
  • It's not about sales, it's about what you're selling.
  • Want to wreck your professional reputation? Tech Republic can help.
  • Why is collaboration so damn hard?
  • Great ways to show your staff some love.
  • Shelly Alcorn dares you to have a big vision.
  • Sometimes, more business and less fun can be the right approach.
  • A mobile app is not a mobile strategy.
  • Conversely, not EVERYTHING needs a big fancy strategy.
  • To fix work, add more conflict.
  • There IS no ROI to social media marketing. But that's OK, because there's no ROI of marketing period.
  • No one makes sense anymore (a funny take on some of my own use of language pet peeves).
  • Social media trends for 2012.
  • Is Facebook stealing something important from us?
  • Still reading A Visit from the Goon Squad (with HUG and Tech last week and the performance over the weekend, my leisure reading time has been a bit limited), and I've started Humanize, so watch this space for my thoughts on it as well.

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