16 December 2011

Friday Top 5

Today's Friday Top 5 is about #Tech11, too - my top takeaways.
  1. In the fishbowl session on social CRM led by Lindy Dreyer in which Lindy pointed out that association websites are transitioning from being places where we push information out to members into community hubs, Polly Karopwicz observed that our members ARE the hub.
  2. In order to get a full picture of member interactions, we have to track ALL data back to one place (AMS/CRM makes the most sense). Intellectually, we all know this, but how many of us are actually doing it? Bill Walker tweeted about an association with 32 separate databases and I'd be willing to bet a substantial sum of money that that's not unusual.
  3. In Maddie Grant's blogging session, Jamie Notter pointed out that bloggers can't predict what's going to get comments, so the best way to deal with that is to quit worrying about it and write with passion. Amen!
  4. In his mobile debate session with Lindy Dreyer, Jeff de Cagna advised us to "Consider the weird." He pointed out that we shouldn't necessarily DO the weird, but considering it opens up our minds to the possibility of great ideas.
  5. And I loved Luke Wroblewski's 3 key points from his opening keynote on mobile:
  • Growth in mobile presents opportunity 
  • Constraints of mobile force focus 
  • Capabilities of mobile lead to innovation 
 (What? That's totally one point!)

Jeff de Cagna also observed that associations are "pre-digital" in our approach to the world. Joe Rominiecki followed on that same point with a great post-event piece at Acronym: Associations are "in denial" about technology.

Finally an observation: there was a lot of talk about mobile and how it represents a change of mindset. I wonder if, a la Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, it actually represents a change of worldview?

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