16 November 2011

What I'm Reading

Little late, but I was out and about all day. 
  • Rebranding? Mashable has some great advice.
  • Want better open rates? Associations Now has some simple tips.
  • The social graph is neither. This piece is long, but it's also smart and totally worth it.
  • Three types of people to fire immediately - can I get an "amen"?
  • Giving a presentation? Don’t let social media scare you – let it make you better.
  • Social at work – turns out, it’s actually GenX driving it.
  • Kill your Klout profile? Maybe.
  • The most powerful social media measurement tool. You may even already have one.
  • 20 association thought leaders everyone should follow on Twitter. I found some new goodies, and I'll bet you will, too.
  • Want diversity? Sometimes, you have to make it happen.
  • Speaking of diversity, have you checked out ASAE's great new report yet?
  • How to rescue a failing online community.
  • Smart Blog on social media can’t make its mind up: Google+ is AWESOME! Google+ SUCKS! I’m going to wait until the frenzy dies down to decide.
  • I'm also reading Gabrielle Hamilton's memoir Blood, Bones & Butter. The first two sections were great - memories of her odd childhood and wild adolescence, how she came to love food and open Prune. The final section has been awful. For her kids' sake, I hope she's not the mad, passive-aggressive harridan she makes herself out to be. I'd just stop reading, but I'm not far from the end and feel committed.

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Nikki Jeske said...

Great list, Elizabeth, and thanks for sharing our post on 20 Association Thought Leaders. :)